Summer 2013 Newsletter and Online Supplement


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·   Giant Panda Lun Lun recently gave birth to male twin cubs in Atlanta. In keeping with Chinese tradition for good luck, the cubs will not be named until they are 100 days old. Check out their development at the Atlanta Zoo’s Panda Cam Page.

·   Pinterest users have a lot of great ideas for twins and twin families! Check out these items pinned especially for twin families:

       o   Crafts for Twins

       o   Twin Products

·   In their January 2012 issue, the magazine National Geographic, featured twins as their cover story entitled “A Thing or Two About Twins.” 

·   Twins are a subject of much curiosity! Explore some of the most asked questions about twins.

·   While there are many celebrity twin pairs, did you know that Disney Star Peyton List, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and actor Vin Diesel are twins, too? Or that Celine Dion and Mariah Carey are both mothers to multiples? These famous & not-so-famous twins can be viewed here:

       o   Top Ten Famous Twins

       o   Surprise Twins

       o   Celebrity Twin Parents 

·   Thanks in large part to the YouTube® video of them dancing to the sound of their dad’s guitar, twin toddlers Chloe and Alexis have been featured on the Today Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and news outlets across the country. Check them out!