Lab - Michigan Twins Project

Michigan Twins Project Lab

The primary aim of the Michigan Twins Project (MTP) lab, directed by Drs. S. Alexandra Burt and Kelly Klump, is to build a population-based registry of twins in Michigan, aged 3-55 years.  To join the registry, adult twins and parents of twin children complete and return a brief questionnaire, either online or by mailing in a paper version, that assesses family composition and health status.  The unique relationship twins share allows for a better understanding of the environmental, genetic and neurobiological factors that influence psychological functioning and health.  Because of this, data from the MTP will contribute to research on a variety of conditions (e.g., heart disease, asthma, depression, etc.) that carry significant individual and public health consequences.

Requirements include:

1. At least a 3.2 GPA
2. A full one-year commitment to the lab (Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters)
3. A 10 hour/week commitment - most work hours are flexible
4. Must be able to attend lab meetings

Benefits of working in the lab:

1. Great research experience
2. A letter of recommendation (if you successfully complete your one-year commitment) 
3. We host a grad school talk every year
4. You may also receive PSY 490/491 credit if you are interested
5. Working in a fun, motivating environment with other students who have similar interests!

Lab duties:

1. Recruitment tracking
2. Payment preparation for research participants
3. Data entry and quality control
4. Various clerical duties, including making copies, preparing research materials, etc. 

To apply for a research assistant position or to learn more about the position, please contact Danielle Andrews at or 517-432-5604.