Lab - Michigan Twins Project

Michigan Twins Project Lab

The primary aim of the Michigan Twins Project (MTP) lab, directed by Drs. S. Alexandra Burt and Kelly Klump, is to build a population-based registry of twins in Michigan, aged 3-55 years.  To join the registry, twin families complete and return a brief questionnaire, either online or by mailing in a paper version, that assesses family composition and health status.  The unique relationship twins share allows for a better understanding of the environmental, genetic and neurobiological factors that influence psychological functioning and health.  Because of this, data from the MTP will offer critical new insights into the development of major health conditions (e.g., heart disease, asthma, depression, etc.) that carry significant individual and public health consequences.

Requirements include:

1. At least a 3.2 GPA
2. A full one-year commitment to the lab (Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters)
3. A 10 hour/week commitment
4. Must be able to attend lab meetings

Benefits of working in the lab:

1. Great research experience working with data from hundreds of participants
2. A letter of recommendation (if you successfully complete your one-year commitment) 
3. We host a grad school talk every year
4. You may also receive PSY 490/491 credit if you are interested
5. Working in a fun, motivating environment with other students who have similar interests!

Lab duties:

1. Recruitment tracking
2. Payment preparation for research participants
3. Data entry and quality control
4. Various clerical duties, including making copies, preparing research materials, etc. 

To apply for a research assistant position or to learn more about the position, please contact Eric Gernaat at or 517-432-5604.